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Search Engine Optimized Blog Posts – Make Better Posts!


Need to Revamp your Content?

Is your blog post not performing? If you have wanted to increase the visibility of your under-performing content, You've come to the right place. Content can be under-performing for a few reasons. Significant factors can be grammatical errors such as sentence structure and layout issues. If your post doesn't get the point across quickly, people just stop reading and move on. By the way, according to Bounce Exchange (now Wunderkind) 70% - 96% of visitors that leave your site unfulfilled will never return.


Keyword Research

Search engines get signals from all sorts of sources, one of the signals is the time a visitor is on your page. Obviously, the shorter the time the less useful your content will appear and that will affect your rankings. Having content that isn't useful will make your visitors leave quickly without going any further than that one landing page. You CAN fix this. The best way to provide useful, valuable content is to research what your target reader is hunting for, and answer their call. Research allows you to provide more direct, targeted wording that people are actively using in related searches.

Blog Post Learning

Knowing where to create a new subsection of content is essential. The need to learn where to place your keywords so they appear in your content as they should is also critical, but it's not everything. The learning center is packed with tons of great ideas, resources, and learning tips. All centered around creating blog posts properly.


A Complete Blog Post SEO Editing Package.

Pressed for time? Revive your under-performing content today. I will fix the grammar, English, and SEO issues contained in your blog post, holding it back from higher rankings and reader enjoyment. I will accomplish this by editing your blog post for grammar, structure, and tone to keep readers more engaged. I will also conduct research on the post topic and use my research to improve upon the content and include long-tail keyword research in the post. As an added bonus, I will include a file with all the keywords I come across while researching your blog post for your reference.