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Blog post Editing Service


Pressed for time? Let me fix that unproductive blog post!

Hey, I’m Justin. The author, and creator of I offer blog post editing services to optimize your underperforming content for improved search engine rankings and reader engagement. Questions? Email me anytime. 

Remember, You’re not ordering a new article to be written. I’m editing and optimizing your already created post. However, usually add to the word count.

Blog post Editing Service

The pricing is for the document’s original word count. Whatever the word count is when you send it to me, that is how you should select which option to purchase.

Need to count the words of your post? Check out my free word count tool.

To prepare your blog post I will:

  • Check! Edit for grammar, structure, tone.
  • Check! Research and include 2 keywords in the content
  • Check! Include page title optimization
  • Check! Include optimized 140 char meta description
  • Check! Provide 2 internal links (if applicable)
  • Check! Provide 2 high-quality external links
  • Check! Break up text into paragraphs
  • Check! Provide subheadings with proper tag instructions.
  • Check! Include long-tail keyword research in content 2x and include a file of all the keywords I come across for your reference.
  • Check! Use proper focus Keyword density %
  • Check! Provide optimized URL
  • Check! Provide links to 3 royalty-free images related to the post and suggest alt text.

Select a Blog Post Editing Service Package

Ready to proceed? It’s simple, just select the product you would like below, make your payment, and you’ll be brought back here to send me your file. Please allow up to 5 days for the work to be completed. I will be in contact as soon as I see your Paypal order or when you email me after Bitcoin payment.

Select your Blog Post Package
Blog post Editing Service
  • Bitcoin Address: 1FBdeQ37Fg9keTjLb2wiXPEbXiVi2HU9yH

Contact me after payment. Want to pay with something else? Just Ask!

Pre-Order FAQ

Do you have any writing samples?

Absolutely, Check out the sample article above and take a look around this site. I am the only person contributing content here. I have more examples, just ask 🙂

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, if your project has not already been started a refund can be issued.

Do you offer revisions?

Yes, I offer one free revision. If you feel I didn’t nail it the first time I will attempt once more (with your input) to make it right.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I currently accept Paypal, all major credit cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies. Contact me to discuss different crypto options.

I have questions. Can we chat?

Sure! I’d love to talk about your project. Feel free to email me anytime.

I have multiple pieces I need to have edited. Do you have bulk discounts?

Yes, if you have a larger (3 or more orders) or an ongoing project please email me the details for a custom quote.

Are you available for hire to write content?

I absolutely am. I’d love to produce one or more content articles for you. I charge a flat rate of $0.035 per word. Contact me to get your project started.