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Easily Optimize Blog Post Title

Blog Post Title SEO

Is a Good Blog Post Title Good For SEO?

Blog Post Title SEO

Yes, by using the primary or focus keyword in your blog post to optimize your title you complete an important part of your blog posts’ search engine optimization. Without it, no one including Google will be able to say for certain that your page is about your primary keyword because it didn’t even show up in the title. Make sense? With this guide, you can stop asking yourself, “How do you write the title of a blog post?” and get right to work writing catchy blog titles.

Your title is your voice to the person searching, telling them how your blog post can fill their current needs.

Be Creative With Your Blog Post Title

Creating a clickable, catchy title that makes sense, includes your keyword and answers the search query is an essential part of your blog posts Search engine optimization process. Keep this in mind, you only have between 55-60 characters so choose your words wisely because the length of your blog post title is a factor in search engine optimization. There are a number of ways to write your title but the most proven one is to include things called power words along with your focus keyword. These words invoke emotion and help to either keep your reader engaged or catch their eye in a title.

Blog post Title Writing Tips

SEO Plug-in

If you use WordPress, I highly suggest installing an SEO plug-in, I personally use RankMath. It helps out with making sure I don’t forget any of the basic steps like using the focus keyword in my title. So I definitely recommend finding an SEO plug-in for your blog.

Include These in Your Blog Title

When constructing a blog title you want to make sure it covers the things listed below. Try to construct a title that includes these things and also is worded to answer a common question people search for. It can be tricky to do this and make it sound correct so try and come up with three or four title variations and pick the best one from that list.

  • Focus keyword towards the beginning of the title.
  • Include a power word
  • Research questions commonly searched for your blog post topic.
  • Represents and matches the content in your blog post

Keep reading & learn to optimize the rest of your blog post!

*This post was proofread by the FREE Grammarly tool. You should be using it for your blog posts too.