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3 Great Ways to Promote Your Post

3 Great Ways to Promote Your Post

So you’re looking to promote your blog post and get visitors reading your content. There are a number of ways to accomplish this including proper SEO. These three tips alone can help get your post noticed.

Join Forums Related to Your Post

Posting on forums can be a lot of fun, very rewarding in terms of traffic, and helps you learn a lot about a subject by interacting with posts and members. When doing so, be helpful, and provide a reply or create a topic that will add substance and be informative with a link to your related article. Don’t just post a link and five words and move on. Suggest a post you’ve written to answer a question with a short snippet that relates to the forum post. Forums are a great way to get a good trickle of traffic from as the posts to stay there to be found for potentially years to come.

Create Social Media for Your Blog

Social media can provide a substantial amount of traffic if you use the various platforms out there. There are a number of plug-ins for WordPress that will auto-post all of your blog posts to your various pages so your pages can be accessing those traffic avenues and not just your blog’s front page.

You’ll also want to ensure that you include ways to allow your readers on your website to share your content. This can be accomplished in a few ways but the easiest is to install a plug-in in WordPress and start customizing. Be sure to use hashtags when publishing your posts to Social media.

There are hundreds to thousands of social media sites across the world that it can seem endless trying to find them all. This article from lists 101+ Social Media Sites You Need to Know in 2021 and should give you a good base of social media sites to investigate. The more you and others share the more exposure you gain for your blog posts.

If your niche allows, you should try making product review videos, they do well and are easy to rank for on YouTube, and can provide a substantial amount of traffic if a video becomes popular or ranks well. Videos don’t need to be very long, typically just a few minutes of video taking maybe an hour or two to create is good enough.

Hire an Influencer to Promote Your Post

If you want instant exposure to your post you can hire an influencer with a few hundred thousand to a few million subscribers to promote your post to. This is an excellent way to gain instant exposure of your post and potentially bring in tens of thousands of views in a very short period of time.

There are a few places out there where you can hire an influencer, but the most popular and most trusted is Fiverr. Fiverr offers the ability to hire an influencer in your topic area to promote your post to their audience for a small fee. This small fee has the potential to bring in tens of thousands of targeted visitors which could translate into that small fee earned back many times over from product sales, page views, and affiliate sales.

You can choose from 21 different categories, 11 different platforms, 6 different age groups, audience country, and between 10k-1m+ audience size

*This post was proofread by the FREE Grammarly tool. You should be using it for your blog post SEO too.