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Using Paragraphs in Blog Posts [a how-to guide]

Using Paragraphs in Blog Posts

What Should The Average Length of Paragraphs In a Blog Post Be?

Using Paragraphs in your post in 2021 and beyond, or in anything you are writing is important because no one wants to read a seemingly endless, solid block of text. Readers aren’t looking to force their brains to do any more work than it needs to so why should you force them to by having to mentally break up the content. When writing, the ideal paragraph word count depends on each sentence, but you want to make sure you break up those sentences into paragraphs that consist of three to seven sentences. Although that is the common rule for paragraph length in general, this rule may be a bit much for a blog post.

Post Paragraph length

When it comes to optimizing blog posts, however, the shorter the post paragraph is the better. The reason for shorter paragraphs in your blog is that readers tend to skim through content, looking for something related to the topic that drew them to your post in the first place. They don’t have time to read an ebook, just time to find an answer to what they are searching for. Shorter paragraphs help to make that process easier for your readers and have been proven to increase the spent time on page and decrease bounce rate, and that’s good for your SEO efforts.

Use Subheadings to break up important points in your post.

Break Up Important Paragraphs with subheadings

When you have important points that should be brought to your reader’s attention, use subheadings. This not only helps your reader find information quicker but it can also give you a good boost in rankings and showcased as a featured snippet on Google.

How Many Paragraphs Should a Post have?

Even though you’ve broken up your big piece of content into manageable, easy to read through paragraphs you still want to make sure you don’t overload your reader with too much. You should go in-depth but just enough to teach them or show them what they need. Too much long drawn out text isn’t helpful to your readers and search engines know this from many different signals including content that isn’t readable or doesn’t provide a solution.

Try and keep your entire post capped at no more than 2,400 words. Any more and you’ll risk losing readers quickly, and they probably won’t be back. Like I said, they want quick answers and knowledge.

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