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Meet Bill, a Freelance Gaming Content Writer, Fantasy Author, & Electronic Engineer.

Bill will create tech blog content.


Meet Bill, an author, Electronic Engineering degree holder and a freelance gaming content writer from Belfast in the United Kingdom.

He has been a system and network administrator with AMD, DEC, and Netcom. He has been a content creator for Namco, Party Gaming, and Yahoo and was A tech manager at Deloitte, with clients that include Rolls Royce, the NHS, and Canon.

Skills & Interests

Bills gaming content writer skills

Bills skills and interests include Sports Writing, Novel Writing, Proofreading, Copywriting, Technical Writing, Fantasy Writing, and Fiction Writing.

Bill has ranked himself in the top 10% on Fiverr in these skill tests.

  • Content Writing
  • English Language
  • Analytical Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Editing.

Bills Education

In 1995 Bill earned an Associate degree in Electronic Engineering from Porter and Chester. Bill also holds several certifications including CISM, ISACA 2014, Foundation, ISTQB 2013, Scrummaster, CSM 2014, Session-Based Test Manager, and Ministry of Testing 2013.

Gaming Content Writer Services

Bill enjoys writing for several different niches. He says he really enjoys working as a gaming content writer and he also writes movie, tech, sports articles, and blog posts. He’s also able to create using these writing styles, Instructional/how-to, Listicle, and Long-form article

How to Hire Bill

Bill conducts all of his freelance gaming content writer services exclusively through as a PRO. This is excellent news because Fiverr Pros are personally verified to exceed expectations. Only 1% Of Applications Earn Pro Status. One percent. That is a pretty tough application process to have to get through.

Also, When you hire a Fiverr Pro, you get 24/7 VIP premium support reserved only for Fiverr Pro customers with support requests responded to within an hour! That sounds a lot better than hiring someone with a new account on some random webmaster forum who says they can create your quality content and you either pay them and never see them again or what you receive has to go in the trash bin! Bill will provide you with quality content that your readers will love.

Aside from being able to hire someone who is varified to have years of experience and an already large following of customers, like Bill here, to demonstrate that the pro indeed is excellent at what they do; you also get a clean, easy to use website with a no-hassle approach to handling payments and communication. So it’s a win, on multiple fronts, and because Fiverr is basically an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop to easily hire freelance pros that specialize in everything from logo design, to online music lessons, to supply chain management, to celebrity impersonators. If you have a project or idea, Fiverr has a Pro like Bill to complete it.

Select Bill to be Your Next Gaming Content Writer.

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