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Meet Paul, an educated Real Estate Broker, world traveler, & Freelance writer.

Paul- A Real estate broker and full-time freelance SEO blog post writer.


Meet Paul. Paul was born and raised in the US and loves to help businesses succeed with high-quality content. Throughout his life, he has learned writing skills, integrity as well as a vast breadth of interests and competencies to include in his writing, which helps to “set him apart” from other content writers. When working with him, expect to receive timely service as he strives to over-deliver and
never to under-deliver.


Skills & Interests

Pauls Skills/enjoyments include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Website Management, Youtube, SEO writing, local SEO, craigslist posting, proofreading, copywriting, website design, responsive websites, Google Website Optimizer, Web Services, Website Management, real estate, Google Adwords, and Keyword Research (my personal favorite), finance, and travel.
Paul is also Bilingual and provides his same Pro-quality to those projects as he provides to his native language writing.

With all those skills and interests, Paul definitely has all of the PRO skills and background needed to write you an “Amazing”, “Killer” piece of highly researched content on any number of topics that you need.

customers LOVE this writer

Customer Reviews

According to his customers, Paul is “sharp as hell”, “Brilliant”, and “doesn’t stop until your mouth falls open”. He has “exceptional writing skills” and is “a copywriter’s delight!!!!”. Paul is rated 5 stars from over 250 customers, who are mostly all return customers.

Paul’s communication, like his writing and reviews, is also top of the content writer game. With an average response time of only 6 hours, you’re sure to get back to your project with the completed content you needed quickly.

Blog post Writing Services

SEO Blog Post Writing services offered by Carrie

Paul’s content writing doesn’t just stop at his listed interests, not at all. No matter what the industry you are in, Paul will consistently provide Professional, brilliant, insightfully researched content that will be sure to engage your readers and delight search engines around the world,
which is exactly what you are searching for right now.

Paul specializes in Resume Writing, Press Releases, Articles & SEO Blog Posts, Email Copy, and Website Content. He enjoys creating content for the real estate, finance, and travel and leisure industries. It only makes sense that Paul would enjoy writing about travel, He says “Travel is in my blood and a crucial part of my lifestyle.” He is an avid traveler.

Paul is passionate about content and offers his customers SEO content writing as well as email sequence content. Email sequences can be set on an automated service or sent out by hand—new customers or subscribers receive a curated sequence of follow-up emails that are intended to generate repeat business without lifting a finger. Paul says he can craft “concise, pithy emails that get opened and engage customers.” Examples of email content he can create include Welcome emails, Lead nurturing emails, Upsell emails, Dedicated emails, Transactional emails, Re-engagement emails, Informational emails. But those are just examples. There are many topics he can provide you email list content on.

On the SEO content creation side, Paul creates engaging and unique SEO friendly content. He is available to write content for Blogs, Articles, Web Content, Sales Copy, Ad Copy, eCommerce Copy, Press Releases, White Papers, eBooks, Listicles, and Technical Articles. Did you know, 95% of B2B buyers consider content a sign of trustworthiness. (DemandGen) Give your readers a treat with Paul’s knowledgeably crafted content. He is always open for custom quotes so send him a message and get things started!

Seasoned travel experience

Meet Paul, an educated Real Estate Broker, world traveler, & Freelance writer.

His travels have not just included 37 of the 50 US States but also places like Morocco, Greece, Thailand, Japan, Spain, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Aruba, and more as well as creating killer email sequences. These travels are sure to produce travel content from a very educated, well-rounded point of view. A perspective that not many of us are lucky enough to be able to acquire. He doesn’t just write about the places that he has visited, he has researched and written articles for locations such as Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Panama, Croatia, Northern Ireland, Malta, and Iceland to name a few. It’s hard to find someone with that kind of travel background who also is a professional freelance content writer!

All that travel translates into words that are spoken from a truly seasoned travelers perspective, a traveler who knows how to write and explain the “local flavor” of the destination he is writing about. He also says that his travel content follows a “Conversational and Humorous” tone. Another wonderful thing to point out is that with tons of travel comes the need to gain knowledge in travel hacks such as saving money. Paul states that “I am a semi-professional travel hacker, experienced with budget travel, travel credit cards and the frequent flier mile hobby, and cheap access to first-class” Needless to say, Paul is cram-packed with travel experience and your readers will love engaging in his content.

Real estate Background

Real Estate content writer

As mentioned, Paul writes content for the real estate industry. You may ask, what qualifies Paul to write about such a topic with authority? Well, Paul is also a licensed Real estate broker in two states. Texas, and California. Ok, that’s pretty impressive. He has also been a real estate investor for over 15 years with knowledge in Buy-and-hold, Fix-and-flip, Creative investing, short sales, subject-to, and mortgage wraps. He also is knowledgeable in Real estate Financing, including hard money and agency Commercial or multifamily investing. If real estate content is your focus, Paul again is showing why he is a Pro by having you totally covered when it comes to REALTOR® content. He is the ideal professional to write things like REALTOR® web copy, Listing descriptions, Real estate-related “how-to,” content from a real estate broker’s point of view.

I know, it isn’t easy to find decent, educated/experienced people to write for you, that you can also feel safe hiring. Most of the options you run into while looking for a great content writer for your new project are forum posts of someone who says they are articulate and can write but when you get the content you can tell they have no idea how to write in your language. Or marketing companies that charge so much that you need to be making millions just to have them write for you.

Forget that nonsense, forget the forum posts promising you amazing content, just to read it and realize that the person writing your content was using basic knowledge to write in a language that is not their native language. You need to hire a professional, someone who takes pride in using the knowledge and skillsets they have developed to craft word art, Like Paul, not someone who is just looking for the next $10.

Thankfully, has you covered by locating the BEST professionals in the freelance SEO content writing industry. Every Profile here has been Hand-vetted and verified for quality and service and has proven over and over again to show consistently badass work and OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Paul has proven all these things, which is why he earned a spot on and should earn your consideration as your next content writer!

How to Hire Paul

Paul conducts all of his freelance work exclusively through as a PRO. This is excellent news because Fiverr Pros are personally verified to exceed expectations. Only 1% Of Applications Earn Pro Status. One percent. That is a pretty tough application process to have to get through. Also, When you hire a Fiverr Pro, you get 24/7 VIP premium support reserved only for Fiverr Pro customers with support requests responded to within an hour! That sounds a lot better than hiring someone with a new account on some random webmaster forum who says they can create your quality content and you either pay them and never see them again or what you receive has to go in the trash bin! Paul will provide you with quality content that your

Aside from being able to hire someone who is varified to have years of experience and an already large following of customers, like Paul here, to demonstrate that the pro indeed is excellent at what they do; you also get a clean, easy to use website with a no-hassle approach to handling payments and communication. So it’s a win on multiple fronts and because Fiverr is basically an all-inclusive, one-stop-shop to easily hire freelance pros that specialize in everything from logo design, to online music lessons, to supply chain management, to celebrity impersonators. If you have a project or idea, Fiverr has a Pro like Paul to complete it.

Connect with Paul, a Pro, and get your Pro-quality content!

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